Dryer Vent Cleaning


Through normal use of your dryer, lint can build up in the vent that carries hot air and moisture from the dryer to the outside. In extreme cases this can obstruct air flow enough that the dryer can damage your clothing and home. In most cases you'll experience longer drying times and hotter temperatures in the dryer. Depending on how the vent opens to the outside air, you may have problems with birds making a home inside the vent which can cause a sudden loss of dryer performance.

Fortunately, cleaning your dryer vent is usually a simple process. We'll remove any lint or other deposits from the flexible tube coming out of the back of your dryer, from the ductwork in your walls, and from the screen or guard where the vent exhausts to the outside.


Generally, it's recommended that you have your dryer vent cleaned about every three years, but this varies greatly depending on how often you use the dryer and how the ducts and vent are constructed. Heavily used dryers and dryers with long vents might need cleaning every year, while rarely used dryers or dryers with very short vents may never need cleaning. If you think your dryer is taking longer than it should to get your clothes dry, or you notice burn marks on your clothes, it's probably time to have your vent cleaned.


Having a clean dryer vent helps your dryer move moisture out of your clothes faster. The temperature inside your dryer will be closer to the temperature it was designed to operate at. Your dryer will need less energy (electricity or gas) to get the job done, saving you money.

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