Duct Cleaning


Through normal operation of your home's heating and cooling systems dust will begin to build in their components. Over time, the quality of the air coming from your vents can worsen. The efficiency of your heating and cooling systems drops as heat-exchanging components become clogged with airborne particles. Fans have to work harder to push air through constricted spaces and their blades lose efficiency when covered with dust.


Eventually, your air conditioning system can freeze over, unable to move sufficient air through the cooling system to affect the indoor air temperature. Your heating system, unable to move its heat to the passing air in your vents, can exceed the recommended safe operating temperature. Filters become clogged with dust and prevent air from moving through the system at a reasonable rate.


All of these major side effects are easily resolved and prevented with thorough, professional duct cleaning service. Wizard's will remove the buildup from your ducts, vents, fans, filters, heating and cooling systems. Air will flow at the original rate and your heating and cooling systems will operate at peak efficiency. Cleaned or replaced air filters will keep the air inside your home clear and healthy.